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RC “Imperial Park Avenue”



7 Rivnens'ka Street

Imperial Park
7 Rivnens'ka Street

RC “Imperial Park Avenue”



7 Rivnens'ka Street

Permit documentation
Favorable location
High-quality, eco-friendly construction materials
Improved insulation of walls
Landscape design of territory
Two playgrounds
Two sports grounds
Two mini parks for rest
Free Wi-Fi zone
Parking for each apartment
Green area,lakes in within walking distance
Video surveillance system
close to RC “Imperial Park Avenue”

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Planning of apartments
  • I-st queue, IV quarter 2019 - I quarter 2020
  • II-nd queue, II - III quarter 2020
  • III-rd queue, III - IV quarter 2020
  • IV-rd queue, IV quarter 2020 - I quarter 2021

The RC «Imperial ParkAvenue» - one of the largest residential complexes of business class in Chernivtsi, it is designed so that its’ residents get the most of comfort, without wasting the precious time for crossings.

The territory of the RC “Imperial ParkAvenue” - is nearly 2 hectares of land, which provides the construction of 570 apartments and a huge number of social infrastructure objects. Not every new building in Chernivtsi can boast with such a set.

Our residential complex is located in an environmentally prosperous area of the town, so the RC “Imperial ParkAvenue” is a rare example for a big town neighbourhood with well-developed urban infrastructure and rich natural environment.

The complex is situated in a walking distance from shopping centres, medical facilities and the main transport interchanges of Chernivtsi.

The apartments in the new building by the construction company «MS», have not only attractive price, but also modern engineering utilities, convenient basic plans, free planning possibility, landscaping area and the most important - transport accessibility.

The apartments in Chernivtsi for a long time were built without many important factors. There fore, the developers of residential complex “Imperial Park Avenue” after reviewing all new buildings and the secondary market in Chernivtsi offer for its residents the following benefits:

● Bilateral elevator adapted for people with disabilities

● Spacious loggia

● Panoramic energy saving windows

● Water cleaning system

● Underground parking for each apartment

● Access to the recreational areas and lakes

● Developed infrastructure

● Stylish and modern facade

● Sound insulation between floors

● Controlled access to area (barrier)

● Free Wi-Fi in common areas zones

So, if you are interested in an apartment in Chernivtsi or still didn’t make a choice, if you are learning Chernivtsi new buildings, choose residential complex “Imperial Park Avenue” and an European level house will be yours.

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“MS” CONSTRUCTION COMPANY “MS” won in the categoryCONSTRUCTION COMPANY OF THE YEARDURING the 5th official ceremony of awarding “PEOPLE OF LVIV-2015”.

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